Vietnam M1

US M1 Vietnam #3
US M1 Vietnam #3 - The shell is a US manufactured rear seam, swivel bale, and could be of Korean era. It retains perhaps 50% of its original olive drab paint. There is no heat stamp evident. There are a few dings around the crown and no rust to speak of. There is a salvaged OD7 chinstrap set fitted. The liner is an original CAPAC/Westinghouse (merger) high-pressure liner of Korean vintage. It retains its original OD7 single-weave webbing, in pristine condition with black A washers. The sweatband is a salvaged original as is the adjustable neck strap. When acquired is was painted in thick white enamel (maybe old house paint) which was flaking off and had a decal for the American Legion. It was stripped bare and painted in olive-drab. The Mitchell Cover is an original example in good condition. It is marked COVER HELMET CAMOUFLAGE DSA 100/2157 8415-261-6833. This helmet was put together as a standard Vietnam issue M1 with Mitchell cover and elasticized band. $275 AUD