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M3 Flak Helmet #2
M3 Flak Helmet #2 - The shell is an original WWII M3 Aircrew ‘Flak’ helmet. It heat stamp is 1088A. The shell is fitted with two hinged ear flaps with round, O/D felt pads on the inner. The shell and ear flaps are in excellent condition. When acquired, the ear flaps and ourter surface had been painted in a tar-like black paint and the inner surface was in poor condition. The helmet has been cleaned back to bare metal, primed and re-painted in a dark O/D. The helmet retains its original tan web lining in excellent condition. The web suspension is very similar to that of a M1, the only difference being the method of attachment to the shell. The shell has a band fixed on the inside with slots to accommodate studs behind the suspension washers. The suspension is easily removable. The original tan web chinstrap is retained. It is in fair to good condition but fully intact. The two ends of the chinstrap are bar stitched to the ear flaps with one end having a buckle and the other a male snap. These ends are connected by a centre chinstrap piece with a tab on one end and a female snap on the other. This makes the chinstrap adjustable. $455 AUD