Flack Helmets

US M3 #3
US M3 #3 - The shell is an original WWII M3 Aircrew ‘Flak’ helmet. It heat-stamp is 953G but is only faint; it could only be seen when the shell was stripped to bare metal. The shell is fitted with two hinged ear flaps, the O/D felt pads were unattached and there was rust pitting in their place; they were reinstalled after restoration. The shell and ear flaps are in excellent condition. When acquired, the outer surface was in quite fair condition though scuffed and showing its age; I have done my best to retain the original texture. The inner surface was affected by surface rust and was stripped. The shell was primed and repainted in olive-drab. The helmet retains its original triple-weave OD3 web lining and head band. It is in good condition. The original OD3 web chinstrap has been retained. The metal hardware was a bit affected by corrosion. The friction buckle was rust treated, primed and painted in olive-drab. $ 530 AUD