German WW1 Helmets

M18 #5
M18 #5 - The shell is an original Austrian/Hungarian, WW1, M16 type shell. It is a size 64 cm and stamped W64 near the left ear and a lot number of L155 on the outer dome. The L in the lot number indicates a mill in Ludwikow, Poland. The W maker stamp I have not solved. This shell had high rivet holes indicating Austrian made. An extra hole had been punched half way up the right side as well. When acquired it was in excellent condition; painted in a recent semi-gloss, grey green. It had a virtually brand-new liner installed of the type you see in post-war German helmets with the extra vent holes at the front. In my opinion the liner and fitted chinstrap was new and purpose made to fit this helmet; in addition, the split pins used to fit the liner were unpainted, shiny and brand-new. Perhaps these old helmet shells were ‘done-up’ in this way for sale. This shell was stripped to bare metal and the extra holes welded up to resemble an M18; it was then primed and painted in WW1 green. The liner is a replacement M18 (1918) type with a steel outer band, three leather pads, a leather drawstring and attached chin strap brackets. Each leather pad has a pocket sewn to the rear and a small padded pillow is inserted in each. The pillow provides padding and assists with sizing. This liner will comfortably fit sizes 56 – 58cm. The leather chinstrap is attached directly to the liner as opposed to the M16/17 arrangement. One end is riveted and the other is looped to an adjustment buckle. The two ends attach via a carbine snap. This chin strap has been faithfully reproduced in a quality finish. To clarify, this helmet has been restored to resemble an M18. $520 AUD