WW1 Helmets

M16 #28
M16 #28 - The shell is an original German, WW1, Model 1916, size 64 shell. The factory stamp is unclear due to the paint. It looks like it might be Si64. I have not touched this helmet shell in any way. I thought the paint in came with, a grey-green, satisfactory to retain. My guess is that it is a 1930s repaint. The liner is a replacement Model 1917 being the steel banded version of the 1916 Model. It is adjustable to suit many sizes, probably 55cm to 58cm. It is a superior imported version from the Czech Republic. It has three leather tongues with padding pillows in pockets on the reverse of each tongue. By the use of more or less padding in each pillow and adjustment of the draw string, various head sizes can be achieved. The leather chinstrap is also a superior quality import. It has two adjustment buckles and mounts onto the M1916 type chinstrap posts near the inner rim of the shell. Per the First World War era, these chinstraps are continually falling off. $550 AUD