Israeli Defence Force Helmets

Brit Para #44 - Israeli Service
Brit Para #44 - Israeli Service - The shell is a Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) Helmet with a stainless-steel band around the rim. It is factory stamped inside one end – BMB MKII 0247 53. When acquired the shell was painted a terrible gloss green with a fair bit of the original factory paint inside. It was fitted with a MKIV type lift-a-dot liner which was marked 71/4 FFL III 1952. This shell has been modified to a MKII para type. It was stripped to bare metal, modified, primed and painted olive drab inside; sand/yellow outside with a textured outer surface. A new bumper pad has been installed. This helmet has been fitted with a reproduction para liner from What Price Glory (WPG) along with brass mounting bolts. It is marked WPG 1943 7 1/4 (size 58cm). This is a quality para liner and has been fitted with brass chinstrap hangers from SOF. The tan web chinstrap is an Israeli original which is Israeli Defence Force (IDF) ink marked. It is in as new condition with a chamois chin cup. The helmet has been fitted with an original IDF knit cam cloth in a sand colour along with a khaki cam net. An original Aussie inner tube band is fitted also. The helmet represents an Israeli conversion of a British helmet (as was common) for IDF service. $455 AUD
Israeli #4
Israeli #4 - The shell is an original Israeli M1 clone, manufactured in Israel and though very similar to US Vietnam M1s, there are some significant differences in design. The sides of the helmet are more flared and it has a stainless-steel band. The shell is stamped 70 ยจצ (in a circle) ת. These were used by Israel from the 1960s and through the 1980s. The shell has its original olive-drab paint inside and out with a fine texture finish on the outer. There are three chinstrap mountings, one on each side and one at the rear. These mounts accommodate a British type, web para chinstrap. The helmet liner resembles the type of US liner found in Vietnam era M1s. This liner is an Israeli made copy of the US liner and is Israeli factory marked. It can also fit the US style neck strap. The chinstrap is an original Israeli Defence Force (IDF) issue. It is identical to British web para type, khaki in colour with Israeli markings and dated 1989. This helmet has been fitted with original IDF Zahal camouflage net which I have hand sewn into a helmet cover (it is reversible), a khaki net has been fitted over the IDF net and an inner-tube rubber helmet band has also been fitted. These shells and liners have become quite expensive to acquire. This helmet is $499 AUD