Italian Combat Helmets

Italian #5 Alpini - Original Italian Model 1933 steel shell, could be post-war. The shell is stamped AL 24 at the inner rear and the metal liner frame is stamped GB 57. The shell was painted in an olive-drab colour when acquired; it has been repainted in a smooth dark-ish grey-green. The helmet came with its original brown leather liner which is soft and in good condition, as is the leather drawstring. It is marked as a size 57 (cm for head size). The grey-green leather chinstrap is a replica imported from Italy. An Alpini feather with mount have been mounted on the left side of the shell and the Alpini emblem stenciled on the front of the helmet. The helmet represents a wartime example of the 6th Alpini Regiment, part of the 2nd Alpini Division or “Tridentina Division”. The 6th Alpini Regiment was made up of the Verona, Vestone and Val Chiese Battalions. $370 AUD