US Helmets and Liners

US FS #10 - The shell is an original WWII McCord, front seam, swivel bale with a stainless steel banded edge. The shell is in good condition with a 30mm stress crack at the left rear near the edge. The heat stamp is 895G. The liner is an original WWII Firestone high pressure liner and has been repainted. The liner shell is mostly in good condition except for a small portion of the rim, which is missing, and which would be located near the right swivel bale. The inner original khaki webbing is present in fair condition as is the drawstring. The original nape strap attachment webbing has been retained. The sweatband has been replaced by a quality unit. The nape strap was not present and has been replaced. The leather liner chinstrap is a replacement also. The chinstrap for the shell is a high quality tan web type replacement. The highlight of this helmet is the original US produced, small mesh, OD net with sewn on elasticized band. This is a mint, unissued example. These nets are out there but hard to pick up, especially in unissued condition. The shell is painted in dark olive drab with a cork textured finish. This helmet represents a standard GI issue with a rare net in excellent condition. $395 AUD
US FS FB #2 - The shell is an original McCord, front seam, fixed bale with stainless steel band and most likely of 1942 make. It is good condition with a few dints around the crown and a 30+mm stress crack at the centre rear extending from the rim. The heat stamp is 754B. It was painted in a non-wartime green with evidence of the original texture on the outside. When the green paint was stripped, the underlying paint was of a medium blue. Perhaps this shell was a US Navy helmet at some time. The shell was stripped to bare metal, primed then painted in olive-drab with a cork textured outer surface. The liner is a very rare original WWII St Clair low pressure liner. Most of the original outer paint is present with some age and scuffing. The sweatband, nape strap and leather chin strap were not present and have been replaced. The liner has a 90mm crack on the left side but other than this the shell and webbing are in good condition. The crack has been stabilized with some Araldite. The liner has a yellow SC in the crown. St Clairs are brittle and do not like rough handling. I fear that even the pressure of putting a net between the shell and liner could damage it. New sweatband, new neck strap, original leather chinstrap with brass hardware. New OD3 shell chinstrap set. S650 AUD
US FS M1 #72 - The shell is an original WWII McCord Radiator with a front seam, stainless-steel band and swivel bales. The heat stamp is 421C. When acquired, the shell had original WW2 paint inside; this stained and mostly intact. The inner paint has been retained due to the marks of former owners; ink laundry mark for R9295; Lester Joellenbeck US55120279 and Joseph G. Solosky US55126763. The outer paint was post WW2, had the remains of a white stripe; could have been an MP helmet. There are two stress cracks; one at the right chinstrap bale of 35mm and fine one at the left/rear The outer surface was stripped to bare metal, primed and painted in a textured olive-drab. A new OD3 chinstrap set has been fitted. The liner is an original Korean era, high pressure type manufactured by CAPAC/Firestone; a Korean war merger. The Firestone and CAPAC logos can be found inside the crown; CAPAC surrounded by 5152 and a mould number of 29. When acquired, the liner was painted in a not too thick white. There is a 40mm crack at the left-front; stabilized with epoxy resin. The liner retained its early 50s OD7 webbing which was damaged. The liner has been totally refurbished with new OD3 triple-weave webbing; new green A washers; new rivets; new sweatband; new neck strap and new leather chinstrap. The outer surface was stripped bare, primed and painted olive-drab. The helmet has the flash for the 8th US Armoured Division (Thundering Herd or Armoured Snake) painted on each side. $390 AUD
US FS FB #14 - The shell is an original WWII McCord Radiator with a front seam, stainless steel band and fixed bales. The heat stamp reads as 167A. When acquired the shell had about 60% of its original paint inside but in poor condition; and very little of any original paint or texture externally. The shell is virtually rust and damage free. There are about a half dozen fine stress cracks across the rear and a couple at the front; very common in early shells. This shell was stripped to bare metal, primed and painted in olive-drab inside and a textured dark blue-grey on the outside. A new OD3 chinstrap set has been fitted. The liner is an original WW2 high pressure type manufactured by Westinghouse. The Westinghouse logo and mold number 9 can be found inside the crown. The liner retains its original olive-drab factory paint externally. The shell has an outwards puncture damage at the left upper portion; this has been stabilized with epoxy resin and a repair made. The liner also retains its original single-weave OD3 webbing (by PKW – Peter K. Weil Co), A washers and hardware. The liner has been fitted with a new sweatband, new neck strap and new leather chinstrap. The helmet depicts a Navy example painted in shipboard dark blue-grey with USN stenciled on the front in light grey. $355 AUD