Jap Combat Helmets

Jap # 11
Jap #11 - The shell is an original Type 90, WW2, Japanese combat shell in very good condition. This shell saw Thai service post-war as extra holes were added to accommodate the Thai liner (similar to Adrian helmet) and the Jap liner saddles and rivets had been removed. These saddles and rivets have been replaced and the surplus holes welded up. When stripped to bare metal the following stamps were evident; 160 lightly stamped inside the dome; a Japanese character ‘dai’, a five-pointed star with a character inside it and what might be a 4, all within the inner rear. The shell was stripped to bare metal, primed then painted in a khaki brown. The liner is a fine replica of an original. It has a heavy leather outer band and the three leather tongues have calico pouches sewn into the back with little pillow inserts that provide padding and sizing for the liner. The chinstrap and components are also nice replicas of the originals. The strap is nicely woven. The helmet has been fitted with a Naval Landing Force cover and also a cam net. $320 AUD