Russian Helmets

Ssh36 #3
Ssh36 #3 - The shell is an original pre-WW2, Russian Ssh36 (model 1936). When purchased the helmet was in a rusted condition with heavy pitting to much of the outer and inner surfaces. There was no evidence of original paint. The are no factory stamps to be seen. The liner mounting brackets were not present, only the rivets existed. The shell dimensions are C 69.0cm L 29.8cm W 25.8cm. Below is a little information I have obtained about the Ssh36: The M (modyel, or model) 36 was designed by Aleksandr A. Shvartz, and began production in 1936. Its large front rim and wide flares over the ears provided good protection for the wearer. The German M35, introduced a year before the Russian M-36, served as a model for the development of the M-36. The M-36 was also fitted with a comb on top, which allowed for ventilation. In searching for Ssh36s, I have rapidly learnt that they are not cheap to come by and many are in poor condition. This shell was stripped to bare metal, repaired, primed then painted in a dark olive-drab. The helmet liner is an exact replica of an original, hand-made in the Ukraine. It has a “corrugated” metal outer-band, a leather/cotton cloth head basket and a jute string drawstring. The helmet has been fitted with a cloth chinstrap; also made in the Ukraine along with the liner. A red soviet star has been painted on the front of the helmet. $450 AUD