DIM'S LIDS - Restored WWII Combat Helmets


I have been interested in military helmets ever since I can remember; even before, when six years old, a family friend gave me an Aussie helmet. A number of years ago I restored a couple of British helmets and here we are. Though I have a few nice keepers, it is all about restoring for me. I like looking for sad pieces and bringing them back to former glory. My hobby affords me research and record keeping indoors plus time out in the workshop. Selling a few provides resources to buy more projects. Please read the descriptions that accompany my helmet listings and let me know if you want more photos via my contact page.

The helmets on this website are for sale so have a dig around, you might see something you like!

See USMC Ponchos page - Original WW2 examples!!

Pictured below are my most recent helmet additions.

Italian Bersaglieri - 3rd Regiment
US M1 Front Seam - Cam pattern
German Luft "Tropenhelm" canvas type pith helmet
German "Tropenhelm" Canvas type Army Pith helmet
German "Tropenhelm" felt Army Pith helmet
British MkIII - 1944 dated
M5 Aircrew 'Flak' helmet US Army Air Corps
US M1 Front Seam - Standard GI Helmet
Israeli M1 Clone - IDF Zahal Cam Cover
German M18 Special Model (Ear Cut Out)
German M16 - size 66 shell Ludendorff Camo
Austrian M16/17 size 66 shell
US M1 Front Seam Fixed Bale - 82nd Airborne Divisional MP
US M1 Front Seam, Fixed Bales - 442nd Regimental Combat Team
US M1 Front Seam - 3rd Infantry Division
Imperial Japanese Navy
Brit MkII - 3rd Infantry Division
US M1 Infantry Liner
British MkII - Briggs Motor Bodies 1942